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About Me

Hello all! My name is G’vanni “Gigi” Whyte. I’m a 22 year old senior nursing student at Mercer University.

“I’m the girlfriend that everyone comes to for advice. It’s a gift!” 

I started this website with a focus on love, relationships, and advice-giving. I’ve always had a sort of gift for giving advice, and an interest in relationships and all their intricate dynamics (what makes them work, what doesn’t, and cause and effect relationship). Deep inside, I am that “let’s work it out” girl and it has put me through a lot, but it has taught me even more.

I’ve just always been very analytical when it comes to relationships and creative when it comes to trying to fix them.

I love to share what I’ve learned about relationships and various problems, but also I love to learn from all of my friends, family, and viewers.

With my website,  I hope to Empower and Enlighten men and women in their lives and relationships. I’ll never claim to know it all or have all the answers, but I’ve realized that there are times when we are lost and don’t know what to do, or also times when we even know exactly what do, but need support, and/or and unbiased opinion outside of the situation.

Im very candid and want to make this fun!                                                                                                           I love exploring touchy topics related to love, relationships, health, and sex.

As a nursing student, I found a new passion for sexual health! And I’m passionate about bringing that passion to the website as well!

Ask Me Anything!

Don’t hesitate to ask me things that are not about relationships, and when asking about relationships they could be between anyone not just your intimate partner.

 Lets work it out together! 🙂