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What Pregnancy Dreams Really Mean.

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Have you ever had a  dream of being pregnant?

So it finally happened to me….

You would think that with the nature of my work that I would have dreams like this countless times. However, in my experience, I’ve dreamed of almost everyone else in my life becoming pregnant, but never myself. I’ve had dreams that I had a baby, but that baby always appeared out of thin air, and I always just looked at it like a foreign object or something with no true connection other that the fact that I knew it was mine …..anyways back to the dream at hand.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit down on and off. I have been feeling like all I do is go to work and sleep just to go to work again. And when I was sleeping, I kept having a recurring dream that I was pregnant. I had no idea why I kept having these dreams, but I didn’t give much thought to it because of my line of work. I know I don’t desire a child right now, and I dismissed all thoughts of this being God’s way of actually telling me that I was pregnant because that was impossible!!!! I mean no way)!!! What’s going on?


After the last pregnancy dream I had, I woke up in tears! This particular dream was the most vivid of them all. I wasn’t just pregnant, but I was uncomfortably pregnant, my back was killing me because of the weight of the baby, and my belly was so big that I had to hold it for support. And even with all that, I was oddly very happy and content. I was so happy that I was bringing new life into the world, and so were my parents. My parents were marveling at me, they were so proud of me despite the fact that I was no way near ready to have a child, and get this….. we had no idea who the father was lolol!!!! Of course only in a dream would that have went so smoothly. Oddly enough I found pride in it just being MY baby lol. I wasn’t concerned with who the dad was or to share it with him (weird right).


I woke up from this dream feeling very emotional, and actually quite frustrated.  I had been praying to God for some clarity on the recent vague feelings of yearning that I had been feeling, and I’m like here he goes making me more uncomfortable now not just in life, but in my dreams. 

Its not like I wished I was pregnant, but that yearning feeling lingered. In the dream, I felt like I was looking forward to something new, something that was mine, and then I awake feeling worse than I did before, even more empty and a bit stagnant.


These feelings led me to dig deeper, I decided to look up the meaning of pregnancy dreams, and I realized what God was trying to tell me, and why I’ve been feeling less than lately. So I did my research, and found that….



Dreaming of pregnancy signifies the need to be creative in your life., the need to develop and grow, and/or the “birth” of a new idea, direction, or project, or goal and sometimes even the fear of those possibilities.



I personally feel like I’m at a stage in my life where I want to do things differently than I have before, and that makes me uncomfortable within myself, hence the uncomfortable pregnancy dream.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re a nurse you have a career yadda yadda, but there are different facets to my life just like there are to yours. You may be excelling academically, but not spiritually or socially where you want to be. We all have things we feel that we need to work on. And its extremely important to have a good work/life balance—- mine has definitely been suffering with this new adjustment, and recent changes in my life.

Finding time to do the things you love to do, or taking the time to find out what you love to do (outside of work) can often get put on the back burner.

If you’re having dreams that you are pregnant with no yearning to get pregnant at the moment, chances are you’re yearning to create and cultivate something that is yours, and/or yearning to grow and develop as a person. A better version of you!

Work on or do something for you and only you, something that you can be proud of or just enjoy! Pick up a hobby, take a class, start that new business, do charity work, spend more time with loved ones, focus on becoming healthy, exercise, etc. Figuratively speaking, you do want a baby. You want to nurture something and see it BLOOM!

Give life (birth) to the new you!

Remember, God speaks to you in dreams and visions.


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