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The 30 Day Man Fast: Why I’m Doing It and Why You Should Too!


People fast for different reasons. I tend to get the urge to fast when I keep eating junk food, and want to stop. I quit cold turkey to essentially

Break the addiction, cut the craving, and practice denying temptation

For the better part of my life, I’ve had a male companion of some sort, whether that was a boyfriend, or whatever lol. And that’s just how the cookie crumbled, if I went through a break up or stopped talking to someone, another one was there arms wide open to take me in lol. You’re like that sounds awesome, lol no, the problem is I always went, and I felt like I had to, and they weren’t always good to me or for me. This is for my girls who jump from relationship to relationship, from guy to guy, bed to bed it’s all the same for this case because it’s habitual.(This fast is also good for those that just need to regroup, and find out what they like and don’t like within themselves, and men, free of distraction.) Since I’ve always had a male companion, I’ve always been intertwined with someone else’s life. Relationships can be great, they can even elicit growth with the right man who supports and nurtures, but there is something to be said about self-growth especially for those who have yet to seek it. And that support and nurturing could be the very thing that stunts your growth at times.


Although, I’ve had some notable accomplishments this year, I started to feel stagnant. I started feeling like I wasn’t growing as a person. I especially felt that way when people would tell me about the greatness they see in me. I realized there was a problem, that became enough for me. I grew complacent in others believing in me, rather than trying to figure out what I believed that I could actually do myself.

Far too many times, my life became waiting for a text or call back, or wondering why someone isn’t treating me the way I want to be treated, trying to figure out ways to make a relationship work, trying to temper myself to fit into someone else’s lifestyle, waiting, waiting, waiting, for someone to talk to, to curse out, to take me out, to get off work, and within all that waiting, I could have been doing something to better myself, anything at all. And with all that emotional turmoil, I could have been trying to understand myself, rather than someone else.

I used my relationship with men as a distraction for the things that scared me, my goals, dreams, and ultimately myself. I had someone there all the time, so I didn’t have to walk alone. I had a crutch! Never in my life have I wanted so badly to break all my crutches, and not walk, but run. And I know you all are thinking, I’m accomplished because I graduated nursing school, but I want to put an emphasis on spiritual growth, school is school to me. However, there are some of you out there that let your relationships interfere with that as well, and I can’t say that that has never happened to me, and we both know that’s a no-no.


So if you’re ready to take that next step in the direction of self-growth, here are the rules:

  1. You may not contact any guy that could be a love interest. So that ain’t shit guy that you’ve been talking to that you already know that its not going anywhere stop talking to him, and anyone else you’ve been dating.
  2. You can’t entertain any men! Like no flirting, no dates, no him buying you stuff, no nothing. And something tells me now that we’re fasting the men are going to come out to play even though we weren’t getting any play before lol
  3. YOU MAY NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER, IG, TWITTER, NONE OF THAT FOR HIM TO HIT YOU UP AFTER THE FAST LMAO this is about sacrifices for growth girl, I know he fine.                          
  4. You may talk to your daddy – the one that helped bring you to life, and your brothers, and other male family members. Be weary of the coworkers that you find attractive, or they flirt with you. Keep it strictly business, no work husbands.
  5. No sex, none, nada, nunca. Just in case it wasn’t clear.

Now there’s one more component that I’d like to add. I don’t like to push religious views on anyone, but I am also using this fast as a time to bring myself closer to my faith. I have found that the things I seek out seem to crumble because I don’t always include my faith in it.  So I urge you if you do have a faith to call upon it for strength, seek out scriptures that help you feel stronger, pray for clarity, growth, strength, and understanding. Explore yourself and find the things that you want to do, or love to do, explore friendships, write in a journal to document your experience of being with you and only you, fall in love with yourself for once, or again. I’m sure this is going to be such a beautiful time for you. I’d LOVE to hear about your experiences whether you choose to do it now or later. Leave your comments!

*Have a friend help hold you accountable, and save you from guys when you’re in a bind!

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  • October 24, 2018 at 5:27 am

    I (@priorities_flexin) just found out that I was accepted to an accelerated program & I am so excited 😆!!! Men have always been available, but I’m the type that cuts a person off as soon as I see a red-flag. I came upon your nursing tips post & then I seen this fasting post. Tonight before I seen this post, I decided that I was done-done with going on pointless dates (free food 😋😏) & it was time for a fast. I said all of this to say that me coming across this post came at the PERFECT time sis. I will be getting into my word & ignoring all of the boy toys 💪🏾👏🏾🙌🏾. It’s a new season & a new day. I’m up for the challenge!

    • November 26, 2018 at 4:00 pm

      yesssssss! I love it! Confirmation indeed! Congratulations! Lmao buy a cookbook and explore haha


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