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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Guys

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Hey Guys, I know it can be hard to figure out what to do for your girl on Valentine’s Day, and the day arrives so fast sometimes.

So heres a chart full of ideas I’ve compiled to make the search a little easier! Mix and match and add up as many points as you please!

1 point

-Flowers: Get her favorite flowers, or you can’t go wrong with roses

-Box of chocolates

-Teddy bear (the bigger the better)

3 points

-Going out to eat: A place where you wear casual attire

-Running a bubble bath: You need to get bubble bath soap, or a nice bath bomb, and give her a sweet bath and talk to her about her day and how much you appreciate her and stuff ;).

*You could also put some rose petals in the tub!

-Sensual massage: Buy a massage gel or oil (not just regular lotion), and you know the rest, or maybe you don’t’look up a video and enhance your skills

-Meaningful writing (IG post, poem, letter): Write something sentimental about your girl straight from the heart, it’ll make her heart melt.

5 points

-Victoria Secret lingerie/panties

-Designer Perfume

-Manicure/Pedicure: Either drop her off and prepay for her mani/pedi, put the money in a sentimental card for that specific reason, or find a nail salon with gift cards.

-Make -up: If your girl is into this sort of thing, this is a good choice. I’d go to Sephora to be safe. Anastasia Beverly Hills is always a nice choice, lipsticks, glosses, or eye shadow palettes. The make-up consultants are your best friend if you go this route. Have pictures of your girlfriend available so they can assess skin tone for lip stuff, and you should know what your girl tends to wear if she doesn’t wear bright colors, then don’t buy a bright color. Easy right? If all else fails, you could get a gift card, but I think it’s so cute to try! I’m sure she’ll appreciate you trying to pick stuff out for her whether you get it right or not. She can always return it for what she wants.

*Check the make-up companies she follows on IG

*Keep your receipts

-Making dinner: Make her favorite meal, or find a  nice recipe, and give it a go! Don’t be scared if you can’t cook just follow the directions, and I’m sure she will appreciate the effort. Don’t play 2k while you’re doing it and let it burn!


10 points

-Edible Arrangement Surprise – Love this idea! Get it sent to her job or her house! She will LOVE it!

-Elegant dinner: This is somewhere you must dress up to go to

-Spa treatment certificate: Go to a spa and buy her a certificate for a treatment like a facial or a massage

-Nice pair of sneakers, heels, or a purse

-Romantically decorated room

-Personalized or Individualized gift or idea: This I can’t really help you with because I don’t know your girl! The gift could be big or small or big, something you can or can’t touch, but this is 10 points because you get extra points for knowing your girl.

For example,

– If your girlfriend loves coffee, you can get her a personalized coffee cup with her name on it.

-Getting something in her favorite color or personalized

-Something that relates to her dreams, future, or hobby

-Something that has special meaning to the both of you

If you take the time to think and do this idea, it will definitely be worth it.

*Try going through the companies or stores she follows on IG to find things she might be interested in.

50 points

-Hotel room: This is just getting a hotel room for the night, you can decorate it for extra points.

-Outfit + dinner: This is a cool idea, where you basically buy your girl a new outfit to wear out to the dinner that you take her to, definitely fancy.

-Spa day certificate: The only difference with this Spa gift is that is an all-day thing or multiple treatments.

-Jewelry: Hey, diamonds are a girl best friend, usually you can’t go wrong with jewelry if you get it from a nice place. These days you don’t have to spend that much different jewelry companies have nice pieces with sentimental value such as the name necklaces, you could get her name, or a special nickname.


100 points

-Trips/Getaway: This could be to another major city, a cabin trip, beaches, or even another country it all depends on what you can handle financially.

-Proposal: I’m not sure where you are in your relationship, but if you’re at this point this would be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for any girl!


Don’t worry so much about not getting the “best things”, effort is oh so appreciated!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get lucky!!! <3

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