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Reasons Why Your Girl Might Have An Attitude

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This post is to dispel the notion that girl’s have attitudes for no reason. There can be plenty of reasons why that mysterious attitude popped up and you can help make it disappear! Let’s get to it.

1.) She’s hungry

This is not number one by mistake. I know personally, I’ve had the biggest attitudes behind being hungry to the point that I have had to apologize, and say I was just hungry lol. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re hungry because we’ve been so busy that we actually forget to eat! And then of course here you come trying to talk or be your cute little self, and we turn around and try to bite you lol. It’s like the Snicker’s commercial, “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry!”

A simple “Have you eaten?” or “Are you hungry?” would clear things right up, everything should be fine …that is until you ask “What do you want to eat?”

Good luck with that. Do yourself a favor, and just pick something.


2.) Attention

Most girls want attention, and most times we get an attitude if we don’t get what we want. You know sort of like babies? But we are your babies, just like you are ours. So now because the sports game you were watching is over or you just got done watching a whole compilation of videos on Worldstar, and you’re ready to act like we exist, no of course we’re not having it!…..that is until we’re ready to be the center of attention again, you know like 2 minutes later lol. Just try back after a little time passes.

3.) Lack of help


Relationships are a partnership, so just like there is “take” there needs to be “give”. Women tend to take on housework more often than men, such as cooking, cleaning, etc. I don’t think It should necessarily be that way, but I do think that men should step up and help with those things because in can be overbearing for women. Offer to help take something off her hands, offer to clean up, make dinner, etc. A little goes a long way. There are also just things that we must do like any other person, everyone has errands, so if it’s possible for you to take something off your lady’s hands, why wouldn’t you?

“Babe do you need help with anything?”

4.) You forgot something

Lol I don’t know what you forgot boy, it could have been a birthday, anniversary, plans for the evening, to call or text, but you forgot, and we expect you to remember things that involve us. Honestly, her feelings are just hurt when it comes to this instance, and an apology and/or make up should be in order (also hugs and kisses if you won’t get smacked in the process lol). I understand that you guys have a lot going on as well, and things slip your mind, but when they do, make sure to acknowledge it, and try to make it right. It’s the mature, manly, and sexy thing to do.

5.) She found something out

You’ve been liking that chicks picture on IG, or even worse you’ve been texting her ouuuuuuuuu lol. I really don’t know what you did, it could be so many things. This is a hard one, but you need to clear it up. You should just try to remain respectful while the information comes out, and try to work the situation out as best as possible.

6.) She wants/needs sex

Lol now this one may be hard because there is no sure fire way to know that this is the source of attitude until you….well…… you do “it” (or she says it), and magically we’re sweet again. However, it is a necessity. I don’t think we are always actually aware of needing it, but if your girl is stressed out this is probably a good way to go! Also if possible, helping her to relieve the stress outside the bedroom is a wonderful thing, and a more permanent fix. Do both! Breaking your girl off is your responsibility lol don’t be slippin’ take her down!

7.) You smell

I’m sorry, I had to say it! This would make anyone have an attitude. You guys go to the gym all day, play sports, or whatever makes you smell like hot monkey ass lol, and then you come plop your happy sweaty self on the couch, or the bed (even worse), or on us (worst)…Just take a shower. We’ll be glad to have you after. Thank you, sincerely all girls.

8.) Bad day

We all have bad days ☹. Maybe we had drama with our friends, received bad news, had a really hard day at work/school, or something just plain bad happened. This is why it is important to ask about each other’s day. Now you know you can rub your baby’s feet, cuddle up, give hugs, kisses, caresses, and maybe even propose something to get her mind off of it. You could propose going out, watching a movie, and/or a solution to the problem.  Try and do whatever you can to make it better, that’s what loving someone else is about. You’ll be a better man for it, and she’ll be a better woman to you for it.


*Making love can be good too, but it’s not the answer to everything, and she may not be up for it, so try everything else first.


9.) PMS/Menstruation

This one is tricky because every girl is different. I might get a lot of slack for saying this, but I think it’s best for you to steer clear of your girl when she’s on her period. I think it’s great to ask if we need anything, but other than that I’d leave us alone because our moods are just all over the place. Our uterus is on fire (hurting like hell), and its just kind of hard to be stable when you feel like a mess secondary to all the other symptoms. Don’t start any arguments, keep it nice and loving. If she even wants to be touched cuddling up and caressing is fine, but other than that keep it light. Some women may not be phased by theirs at all, I’m sure you have gotten accustomed to how your girl operates, so act accordingly. And whatever you do, just don’t say “you must be on your period” lol, seriously. Don’t do it.

10.) No reason at all

Yeah, I said it. Some women are just moody, hell, some people are just moody. There’s truly nothing you can do about it besides try to see if you can help, and if you can’t just back off. Chances are if you’re with a moody person, you know it. If you can deal with being with a moody person, then you’ll get accustomed to it. At times, these people just don’t want to be bothered, and it’s nothing personal.



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