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How To Spot A Wasteman

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Ladies, it’s time to stop wasting your time, and no one does this better than the “wasteman” himself. A wasteman is a guy that is a waste of time, space, and energy. I know my friends like to refer to these type of guys as “aint shit”lol. They come in all different types, but they are always a detriment in some way or another.

They can be hard to spot, so I came up with 10 fail-proof characteristics to spot a wasteman on sight, so you can take out the trash!

1.) The Excuse Man

These guys are the woulda-shoulda-coulda dudes, and the only thing you “shoulda” done was drop him, so do so now.  This is the guy with all the empty promises. You guys were going to do this and going to do that, but when it comes down to it, nothing ever happens. These guys can be sneaky too, so beware. They could have you thinking it’s your fault that you haven’t gotten together, but don’t fall for it. If he wants to spend time with you or whatever he’s “planning”, he’ll make a way, not an excuse.



2.) The Inconsistent One

This is the guy you hear from a lot, then not a lot, then maybe not at all. He may be awesome when you’re actually out on a date, but it doesn’t really matter because you don’t know when you’ll see him again. This type of guy is too frustrating, and there’s no point in liking him because it’ll only bring heartache and confusion. Either he’s just okay with seeing/talking to you sparingly, or he has other things, or even women occupying his time, which means he’s not willing to make you a priority. What’s the point? It’s a waste.


3.) The Self-Centered Guy

This guy isn’t worried about you. You are a just a new toy for him to play with, or a new flavor to try. He’s not going to ask very much about you, your day, whatever you’ve got going on because he’s actually not interested in anything, but himself, and/or whatever you can offer him for the time being. That could be arm-candy, sex, or just someone to talk to about……yeah you guessed it…..none other than himself. Believe me, it happens.


4.) The Late Night “Wyd” Texter

These are the “booty-callers”. When he’s texting you on the late night, he only wants one thing baby-girl, and it’s not to cuddle. If he’s basically only reaching out to you late at night asking “wyd” that’s because he knows exactly what he wants to be doing, and we know exactly what that is. Sorry boo. You deserve better, and chances are you’re not the only one who got that generic ass text.



5.)  The “Wyd” to you to Death Texter

Then there’s the guy that sends the “wyd” text in the day, but has no true plans. He will literally “wyd” you to death like every day. You know this one? Like shut up already! Right? His conversation always leads to absolutely nothing. He’s not actually trying to meet up ever, conversation is weak, meaningless, like why did he even text you….yeah exactly- to waste your time.

6.)  The Guy with No Aspirations

This guy is most definitely a waste of time, and you know this because he wastes his own! If he has no aspirations, chances are he’s not very smart, and he’s probably lazy too. This is a terrible combo. Some guys are outright about being in this category, others are not, so be cautious of aspirations that are complete BS. It may sound good, but is it really? Is what he is telling you consistent? In other words is it adding up girl? Don’t let him tell you he’s doing one thing, but you can’t see it, or he can’t show you any results. The proof is in the pudding.

7.)  The Guy who Thinks He’s a Prize

This guy thinks he’s the prize to be won. He thinks he’s all that, and maybe he is, but who cares after you hear him speak. He likes to be chased. He’s probably use to it, and perhaps to your surprise, it’s been working out just fine for him. This guy is not going to only want you to come after him, he’ll expect it, and he will have it no other way. If that’s your thing, go ahead. However, if you ask Gigi, he’s a waste. I prefer for all my ladies readers to get courted, wined and dined.


8.) The Guy who Must be Reminded of You

These are the guys that only contact you when you pop up on their timeline, twitter feed, or Snapchat looking cute or sexy – like they forgot that it was possible for you to look good in the first place. These guys are actually my favorites because they are literally laughable. It’s so funny, it works like clock-work sometimes. I know you expect a few texts when you post up that cute picture from the party last night, but he’s the guy that you weren’t hearing from until you did that. Boy bye!

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