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How To Impress Your Guy Crush Using The Power Of The Zodiac

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(March 21 – April 19)

These guys are attracted to women who are independent, adventurous and down for whatever. Not only do have be down, they’ll expect you to be enthusiastic about trying new things.  The Aries man is the “Knight in shining armor” type so play up your femininity, and make him feel like he could help you with something during your flirting. For example, maybe you have something that needs fixing or help with a class. Don’t come on too strong when pursuing them, they like the chase. Wear something pretty and feminine, steer away from something overtly sexual when encountering the Aries man. Subtle use of the color red, is appreciated, maybe a red lip or nail polish.


(April 20 – May 20)

When planning to encounter the Taurus guy, leave all that extra-ness behind! I’m talking about the crazy hairstyles and/or unnatural colors, super long nails, crazy outfits, and unnatural make up. You can wear make-up and even extensions/weave but definitely not down to your butt. When it comes to the nails, you could perhaps get a French or natural color polish. The key is to keep it natural-looking. As far as clothes, wear a color like blue, it’s sensual, and subtle, they’ll be attracted to it. Also wear a subtle, sweet smelling perfume. When speaking to the Taurus man don’t use slang, and make sure you laugh at all his jokes. This sign is the epitome of manliness, so tap into your feminine side. Be your sweet and your cute self!  .


(May 21 – June 20)

Getting this guy’s attention will be a challenging, and a long process because they’re never still. Wear a bright color like orange it’s exciting, and/or something very sexy, sparkly, or eye-catching. You need to look good as hell to slow the Gemini man down. You’re going to have to flirt your ass off too! Don’t come off as desperate, be fun with it, and even more so be funny! If you can make them laugh they’re yours! This is a guy that you will have to keep his attention, so switch your style up! But keep it cute, they love variety. And just like your style, don’t be predictable when dealing and conversing with this sign, they crave excitement.


(June 21 – July 22)

This is a sweet, emotional, sensitive sign, so don’t come off aggressively. However, you will probably have to make the first actual move. You will need to be direct in showing interest to this sign because they have a fear of rejection, so put on your big girl panties, and go for it! If you can muster up the guts, touch him slightly and softly while you’re talking to even further solidify your interest. This sign is notorious for being a mama’s boy, so make sure you express that you love yours as well, and the importance of family to you. Ask about his mom, and compliment her at any chance you get. During your encounter, you need to look and smell “delicious”. Wear colors that a fruit could possibly be and a sweet-smelling perfume. He won’t say it, but he’ll want to eat you up!


(July 23 – August 22)

These men looove attention! So give him lots of compliments while you’re flirting. Also with this sign you’ve got to show that you’re all that, and the bag of chips. Appearance is very very important because this sign values looking good, and being seen with someone that looks good. Wear something silky or satiny if you can, be glamorous in your appearance, they are attracted to that. It is also important to have other things going on outside of your appearance, sell yourself as the total package without boasting or seeming to outdo him. Be fun and playful they are attracted to people who are fun to be with, so look like you’re enjoying life. Leos are fun-seekers. Be affectionate with your words with him, show concern for whatever he has got going on. Then let him ask you out!


(August 23 – September 22)

Take care of your appearance when encountering the Virgo man, specifically when it comes to hygiene/cleanliness. Make sure your nails are clean, clothes well ironed, he is known for analyzing everything. When talking to the Virgo man, watch your mouth! Don’t curse while talking to him, they find that unattractive. It is important to be ladylike, and best to be nice and simple with your approach. Wear light realistic colors, nothing too bright, and when wearing perfume wear something that smells fresh and clean. Virgos love work and charity, so indulge him in conversation about how much you love your job, and giving back to the community, perhaps invite him to help. Giving back is a good thing anyway!


(September 23 – October 22)

Be memorable and mysterious for the Libra man. Engage him in wonderful conversation. You’ll have to outcharm the charmer! This is a difficult task! During your encounter wear something pink or purple and graceful. Be feminine and appealing in your appearance, the way you walk towards him, talk, and even leave him. This is the indecisive sign, so you’ve got to make him feel like he needs to get to know you. Keep conversation brief, and light for this air sign. When talking to him you can apparently flirt, you can even touch him, but make sure you assert your intellect at the same time. They are attracted to intelligence as well. Don’t talk too much about yourself, give him a taste, and then exit to entertain and talk to your friends. The goal is to say something, or give him an experience he won’t forget, and leave him wanting more….hopefully he’ll come looking for it.


(October 23 – November 21)

With the Scorpio man, you will have to play up your sex appeal. This is perhaps the most sexual zodiac sign. Wear something super sexy, but don’t let it all hang out. Leave something to imagination to give off an aura of mystery, so that he will want to come and get! Don’t pry too much when conversing with him, they like to keep personal things personal. Keep the questions light. Yet, be open and honest when they ask you things about yourself (not too honest if it could be unattractive.) The point is to at least give the illusion that you are opening-up by being descriptive, and thoughtful. When talking about what you’ve got going on, show emotion about something, whether it’s your job, your hobby, or whatever. Explain how passionate you are about it. Scorpio men are the most passionate out of the zodiac, and they are drawn to a woman’s emotional side.


(November 22- December 21)

To catch the eye of a Sagittarius man, wear something to show off your curves and make-up that plays up your best features. This sign Is a thrill seeker, ask him if he’s done anything cool like traveling or other activities, he’ll want to talk about it. Then converse with him about something interesting or thrilling that you’ve done. This is one of the signs that you can ask out, and they’ll most likely say yes. They are pretty much down for whatever, and love trying new things (so don’t think because he agrees that he is automatically into you). Perhaps find out something you don’t have in common, something that he has never done that you have, and engage him in conversation about that, and maybe even invite him to try it!


(December 22 – January 19)

Be careful with your approach with a Capricorn. He will be watching everything you do. Don’t out rightly flirt with this guy, just be natural and strike up conversation. This guy is slow to conquer, so multiple encounters are probably needed before you get his number. He has to feel comfortable before he lets his guard down. He is very goal-oriented and focused, so talking about his and your goals, and how you are working towards them will be attractive to him. To catch his eye at an outing, the little black dress is a good pick. Make it sexy, but not too sexy because he won’t want to deal with all the other eyes on you. In your conversation, never make jokes about him, he won’t take it well in the long run, but compliments are always appreciated.


(January 20 – February 18)

This is another sign that you have to keep your appearance up for! However, they value intelligence just as much. Be nice and humble, they are not attracted to the bougie, uppity, thinking they’re better than people type. Perhaps compliment another girl passing by, while you speak to him. This will also show him that you are social, he’ll love that. Also show him that you have values and standards in some way, during conversation. Approach him in a friendly manner because they prefer their relationships start off this way. Their girlfriends are truly their best friends. The Aquarius guy has a fondness for unusual things, so if he’s seen you time and time again, switch your style up when you decide to talk to him, so he’ll take notice. Also wear a perfume that has a good, but unusual scent, it will create an aura of wonder that will intrigue him.


(February 19 -March 20)

A neat appearance is necessary for this sign. They are not turned off by extensions, braids, and all the eclectic stuff as long as it is neat in appearance. Conversation with this sign should show him how caring you are because he craves that. Talk about something that will highlight how you are caring in some way. Try not to be superficial in the conversation. This sign is the dreamer, so it is very attractive to talk about your dreams and aspirations in life, along with your fears this sign will be super drawn to that. Ask him about his dreams, and If they talk about it, be super supportive and caring….duh! During your encounter, wear light blue and green tones to catch the eye of this water sign. Also be sure to wear something you are comfortable and feel beautiful in, as he will pick up on it if you are not. You need to show him that you can be around to encourage and inspire him, this artsy sign is looking for his muse.

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