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Relationship Resolutions For The New Year

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Happy New Year everyone!

This is the time where we set our goals/resolutions for ourselves for the new year. For example, mine is to keep up with AskGigi and bring you more blogs and vlogs throughout the year. And since it is that time of year, I took it upon myself to make some resolutions for all my people with significant others, whether that be a full-blown relationship, or my beaus and baes out there lol. Here are some Relationship Resolutions for the new year to help and keep your relationship flourishing in 2017!


Easier said than done. But it’s going to get done this year, and this is how: When your partner says they want something, write it down, or in this generation put it in your phone immediately (or else you’ll forget)! This can include material things, but I’m really speaking beyond that. Perhaps your partner says they want you to watch a show with them, give them a massage, cuddle or talk more, or go to a specific place- Write it down. Wala! Now you’re compiling a list of things, and every two weeks or so pick one AND DO IT. Thank me later.


This is my biggest pet peeve! When I’m around whoever I’m interested in, I want their attention. It can be so rude when someone is constantly on their phone. As a couple, you need create a time and place that phones need to be put away. Perhaps when you’re having dinner together, or at 11 you should turn them on Do Not Disturb. This helps to ensure that you’re spending quality time with each other when you’re together.


It is understood that you find your partner attractive, or else you wouldn’t be with them. But! It is so important to verbalize these things for men and women! Even the most confident men and women benefit from compliments, it’s just another simple way to make your partner feel special. How our significant other views us is important, and telling your girl she looks beautiful or your guy he looks sexy will boost their confidence, and make them feel secure in the relationship. Don’t forget to compliment the outfit too! Little things go a long way.



This is the one we’ve heard all before over and over, so I’m going to cut the small talk, and give you a solution. A corny one at that. I learned it from my counselor when I was in middle school (I was an overly emotional child lol) it’s called I-message. The next time you’re angry at your partner and want to yell out obscenities, take a deep breath and fill in the following statements.


I feel emotion, when you partner’s action, I’d like you to action.


Then wait for a response. See how that works out for you.



Sounds easy, but it’s not. Being in a relationship can become monotonous, you eventually settle into a routine. It’s important to try and switch it up, go out and try new things together. Some examples could be:

-taking up a cooking class

-sips and strokes

-go on a day trip

-go to the museum

-go to the aquarium

-try a new cuisine or restaurant

*Sign up for groupon, they run specials on cool stuff all the time

The important thing is to GET OUT and make memories together, go experience more this new year.



This is super important! You need to have something you do independently of each other. Don’t be up under each other all the time. It makes issues, and exacerbates present ones. You need to have a life outside of your relationship because unfortunately not all relationships last, and if it doesn’t I want to make sure you still have one (a life) after it ends.


As a couple, you should be your biggest motivators! So help each other be better this new year, and take up a healthy habit. You could start jogging weekly, eating better, there are tons of things, and doing it together makes it all the more fun. And don’t forget to ditch an unhealthy habit like smoking or eating junk food. Having someone to “hold your hand” or share in the experience makes it easier to do.


I can’t help you too much on this one because it is specific to your relationship, but I think it will be a great exercise for the two of you. Maybe you want to gain more trust, spend more time together, buy a house, whatever it may be, write them down together. Don’t forget to write a plan of action, specifically how you are going to work toward each goal. Refer back to it throughout the year to keep you on course.



Sounds weird? I know, but trust me on this one hanging out with other couples is very beneficial. This is because you are spending time with people who are going through the same things as you. You can help each other with struggles, congratulate each other on accomplishments, and most importantly encourage each other to stay together. Invite another couple over for dinner, or to play some games (especially cute couples games) and talk to each other, you may not know it’s helping, but it is.

*Hang out with a couple that actually has a good relationship lol



Yes! I said it, I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again. Sex (with the right person) is good for you PERIOD…. I want you to have better sex in 2017, so don’t forget to ask your partner about their desires and wants in the bedroom, and actually try and do those things and new things ;). Also I’d like to point out all the benefits of sex outside the bedroom, such as decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and it boosts your immune system, so you can be happy and healthy all year long!


These are my Relationship Resolutions! If you have any questions specific to your relationship, don’t hesitate to ask. You have all year to work on them, but you can definitely get started on that last one tonight! 😉  Wishing you blessings this new year!


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