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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do For the D

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1.) Pay for that D

If you’re having to spend money to get some, there’s a problem. You need to have some self-worth. The mere power of the P should be getting you some D, and then some! Unless they look like damn Kofi Siriboe, I don’t want to hear it. Paying for the D isn’t limited to giving him money, that’s feeding him, clothing him, housing him, etc. Don’t act like you haven’t heard those crazy stories lol. Leave him alone, be a responsible shopper, and go find you some D for free.

2.) Fight for the D

Girl. Lol. There is enough to go around. I know, I know, that one is supposed to be yours, but if you must fight other people for it, is it really worth it? You won’t have to physically fight for any D that truly belongs to you. This also goes in the sense of fighting him for the D, if you’ve got to beg and plead, or it’s just hard to come by then let it go. What’s the point in having a toy you barely get to play with anyway?

3.) End up at the clinic for that D

Now serious moment, as a rising healthcare professional, especially one that wants to specialize in women’s services, I am urging you to wrap it up! It’s all fun and games until someone gets and STD. And let me also remind you that there are incurable STDs, meaning WHEN YOU GET IT ITS FOR LIFE, such as Herpes and HIV, which are way more rampant than one would think. Even STDs that can be cured, can have lasting effects. Also asking may not be enough, these diseases and infections are not always visible or symptomatic, so your partner might not even know yet. WRAP IT UP!

4.) Lose your friends and family for that D

Now when the D is gone, and more times than not it does go, your friends and family are still going to be there, so don’t abandon them because you’re bouncing around with some new D. Women, especially, seem to have the tendency to neglect love ones for the opposite sex. Make sure you keep up your other relationships, so you don’t get too wrapped up in the D anyway. You need to engage in other activities with your friends and family for a healthy balance.

5.) Cheat for that D

Cheating is always wrong. If you’re not happy with the one you’ve got, then 9 times out of 10, you’re not satisfied with the relationship. You should just excuse yourself, and have fun guilt free.

6.) Get cheated on for that D

Now all of you know who you are! This is just inexcusable. If you know your man is cheating on you and you’re staying around because you can’t give it up, all the issues are yours. There is no sex that is worth the humiliation and disrespect. Also, since we have mentioned health, this could be a hazard to your health by increasing your chances of contracting an STD from sources out of your control.

7.) Get abused for that D

Abuse comes in many different forms. You can be abused psychologically, sexually, verbally, emotionally, financially, physically, etc. Any type of abuse is unacceptable. No guy should be hurting you, controlling you, making you feel less than, or scared for your life or well-being. You shouldn’t hang on to anyone that makes you feel that way for any reason, and ESPECIALLY not for no damn D.

8.) Go to jail for that D

Do not lose your freedom over some D girl. Don’t take the ride or die thing too seriously. Just stick to riding from time to time 😉, but nobody should be dying, or getting scammed, stole from, beat up, or any other Illegal activity. I don’t want to see any of you on the next episode of “For My Man.” Cut it out.

9.) Don’t get pregnant for that D

Now unless it is mutual and planned, this is a big no – no. Another serious moment, using protection is paramount. If you are in a committed relationship and you don’t like using protection consider other birth control options (not using condoms should not be an option with someone you are not in a committed relationship with!). There are too many resources out there for you to not take responsibility for your health, your body, and your future. There are pills, monthly injections, IUDs (intrauterine devices), and implants, some of these options lasting up to 10 years. You do not have to live in fear or be a victim of unplanned pregnancy. Put on your big girl panties and take control of your sexual health, you’re the only one that can.

10.) Give up your dreams for that D

If the D is compromising your future, your dreams, or your career, it’s time to hop off! You are playing with fire, and fire is nothing to play with because you will get burned. Your livelihood isn’t worth it, and as previously mentioned, it can come and go, so always make sure that you are taking care of yourself, and putting yourself first! Go follow your dreams! D will ALWAYS be there!


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